About Us

At Park & Fifth, it is our vision to offer modern women fashion forward and beautifully made pieces. We aim to breathe new life into wedding and occasion dresses by combining timeless, feminine style with modern lines and chic silhouettes. We use clean, muted palettes and meticulously chosen fabrics to create subtle yet striking dresses and separates that showcase women’s natural beauty. Understanding that all women come in different shapes, sizes, and proportions, we strive to provide fits that flatter.

Based out of Vancouver, Canada, we source and produce our collections locally. Each piece of fabric is hand selected, every pattern is handcrafted, and we work closely with our production partners all right here, in Vancouver. Our deep involvement from start to finish ensures beautifully made pieces that are perfect for any and every special occasion.        

Sustainability is at the heart of Park & Fifth, and the company has taken action to promote sustainable fashion on a number of levels:

  • Paying fair wages to skilled cutters and seamstresses around Vancouver and the lower Mainland
  • Up-cycling all fabric cut-offs and scraps as pillow stuffing for The P&F Pillow Project, becoming a zero textile waste company and reducing waste in local landfills
  • Promoting the concept of buying less, but choosing well. Our high quality and timeless lines the re-wearability of each piece in our collection
  • Purchasing dead stock, end-of-the-roll fabric before it goes to the landfill, creating eco-friendly and limited edition pieces 

For more information about our brand and collection, contact us at shop@parkandfifthco.com