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The Park & Fifth brand was designed on the basis of mindful production. We produce all inventory in Vancouver, BC., which allows our production team to visit the factory on a daily basis. We consider each sewer as an integral part of the team, ensuring they are all paid fair wages and work in safe and happy environments.


Low Textile Waste

Textile waste is an inevitable part of clothing production. At Park & Fifth, we collect all of our fabric scraps from the factory and repurpose them into pillow stuffing via the P&F Pillow Project™ 

In the rare case surplus fabric scraps exceed the pillow project production they are recycled with Fab Cycle

 While we do need to dye new fabric for consistency in our Un-Bridesmaid Collection™ from season to season; We purchase end-of-the roll, dead stock fabrics for our social occasions collection, giving new life to otherwise discarded rolls of fabric and providing exclusive limited edition styles.


We curate our styles for maximum wearability and with the belief that every social occasion dress deserves more than one night out! We hope that you love your Park & Fifth pieces and will wear them for years to come.

While a long gown in your wardrobe may not be your go-to-piece, it has the potential to be! Buying a piece that fits you perfectly is more likely to stick around in your closet. We offer 1-on-1 virtual fittings, over video chat, to help guide you into your perfect size.

Long life

Taking good care of your clothes means not having to replace them as often.

Most Park & Fifth dresses are machine washable! Avoiding the need for harsh chemicals found in dry cleaning.

Here are some tips and tricks for taking good care of your items:

-Wash only when dirty. This is going to keep both your clothing and the planet happy.

-When washing polyester items, use a Guppyfriend or Cora Ball to trap and properly dispose of microfibres that would otherwise end up in the ocean.

-Hang/ lay flat to dry

-Don’t be discouraged by stains, many can be removed! For example, baby powder is a great way to absorb oil stains, and for all other stains try colourless dish soap!