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The Park & Fifth brand was designed on the basis of mindful production. We produce all inventory in Vancouver, BC., which allows our production team to visit the factory on a daily basis. We consider each sewer as an integral part of the team, ensuring they are all paid fair wages and work in safe and happy environments.

Low Textile Waste

Textile waste is an inevitable part of clothing production. At Park & Fifth, we collect all of our fabric scraps from the factory as well as our production facility. We then recycle them with de-brand, located in Delta, British Columbia.


We curate our styles for maximum wearability and with the belief that every social occasion dress deserves more than one night out! We hope that you love your Park & Fifth pieces and will wear them for years to come.

While a long dress in your wardrobe may not be your go-to-piece, it has the potential to be! A dress that fits you perfectly is more likely to stick around in your closet. We offer 1-on-1 virtual fittings, over video chat, to help guide you into your perfect size.

Park & Fifth Preloved™

P&F Preloved™ is a project that launched in April 2022 with the goal of helping our customers repurpose their P&F items. We understand that you may not have a need for your dress anymore or you may be ready to make room for something new in your wardrobe.

You can now bring back your gently used P&F dress and receive a credit which can be applied to a new purchase! If the dress is not resellable, we will offer a $10 credit and we will recycle the dress for you.

This project is now offered at our Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary studios. We want our dresses to see another dance floor, another party, and another good time!

Carbon Footprint

We produce our garments in Vancouver giving us the ability to lower our carbon footprint with less transportation of goods overseas. Our factories are all located within our community, allowing us to deliver items to our customers quickly with as little transportation as possible. This also allows us to minimize the packaging required to transport items to our distribution centre, as the trip is quick and local! Most items are picked up and delivered by our team in cardboard boxes which get reused for each delivery.

Being so close to our factories also allows us to curate collections at short notice, so we can avoid overproduction of items we feel we cannot sell.

Long Life

Taking good care of your clothes means not having to replace them as often. We encourage our customers to purchase high quality items so that they can live in their wardrobe for longer than one season or event. Many Park & Fifth dresses are machine washable! This avoids the need for harsh chemicals found in dry cleaning.

Here are some tips and tricks for taking good care of your items:

-Wash only when dirty. This is going to keep both your clothing and the planet happy

-When washing polyester items, use a Guppyfriend or Cora Ball to trap and properly dispose of microfibres that would otherwise end up in the ocean.

-Hang/lay flat to dry

-Don't be discouraged by stains, many can be removed! For example, baby powder is a great way to absorb oil stains, for all other stains try colourless dish soap.


We live in an age where the unboxing experience is part of the thrill of online shopping! While we appreciate that beautiful packaging can add to your shopping experience, our brand places more value on reducing environmental impact.

All of our shipping bags and stickers are 100% compostable. This ensures that if the bag doesn't make it into the right bin, it will enter the earth in the least harmful way. We use fully recyclable paper products and boxes for bridal orders and larger orders.

In a world where we are increasingly shopping online, it is our hope that we can reduce the impact of this on our environment as much as possible.