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At Park & Fifth, it is our mission to offer contemporary, fashion-forward, and beautifully made pieces. We aim to breathe new life into wedding, bridesmaid, and occasion dresses by combining timeless, feminine styles with modern lines and clean silhouettes.

Based out of Vancouver, Canada, we produce all of our collections locally. Each piece of fabric is carefully selected, every pattern is handcrafted, and we work closely with our production partners all right here, in Vancouver. Our deep involvement from start to finish ensures beautifully made pieces that are perfect for any and every special occasion.  


Sustainability is at the heart of Park & Fifth, and the company has taken actions to promote sustainable fashion on a number of levels:

    • Paying fair wages to skilled cutters and seamstresses around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland
    • Promoting the concept of buying less, but choosing well. Our quality and timeless styles make for the re-wearability of each piece in our collection
    • Purchasing dead stock, end-of-the-roll fabric before it goes to the landfill, creating eco-friendly and limited edition pieces for a large part of our Social Occasion Collection

Learn more about our sustainability efforts here.

Un-Bridesmaid Collection™

Park & Fifth began as a bridesmaid collection, with the goal of creating styles that are loved by both the bride and the bridesmaids.

It has since been named the Un-Bridesmaid Collection™ to reflect its range of pieces that are made to be worn again to other special occasions, but without looking like a traditional bridesmaid dress.


Shop the Un-Bridesmaid Collection™ here. 

P&F Bridal Collection

The P&F Bridal Collection was launched in August of 2019 and has evolved over the years from a mix and match collection to a fully in stock bridal collection. This new process allows our customers to explore options without the commitment of a made to order piece.

Our dresses are lovingly designed, developed and made in Vancouver. We are proud to incorporate our sustainable practices into our Bridal Collection while offering fair prices for quality pieces.


Book a Bridal Appointment at one of our studios here.

Social Occasions Collection

The Social Occasions collection is a range of dresses for many different occasions: a casual Sunday brunch, attending a wedding as a guest, and even into the office. Many pieces in this collection are made from dead stock fabrics, making our love for this collection that much greater.


Shop Social Occasions here.